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Beach Hut no.32

Skye is the newest addition to the Beach Hut Days collection. This hut has a complete kitchenette with a gas stove, drift wood work surface, shelves and table top that contrasts so well with the beautiful vintage green china and deep skye blue cupboard doors. A lot of up-cycling love as been invested in this stunning hut. It's proven to be quite a head turner by passerbys!

Skye is situated at the quieter end of the row with patio, loungers and a tranquility that overwhelms. You can't help but lie back and dream under the shade of the tamarisk above you and immerse yourself in the peacefulness around you.

Skye has already brought my family happy memories in the short time she has been open. No doubt this hut will bring us many more!

Skye has a very special vibe that needs to be experienced to understand. 

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