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About BeachHutDays Beach Hut Skye 


My beautiful beach hut Skye is available to rent all year round!


It can be hired on a weekend, weekly, monthly and 6 monthly basis (subject to availability).


Skye has a complete kitchenette with a gas stove, drift wood work surface, shelves and table top that contrasts so well with the beautiful vintage green china and cupboard doors. A lot of up-cycling love as been invested in this stunning hut. It's proven to be quite a head turner by passers-by! Skye is situated at the quieter end of the row with patio, deck chair loungers and a tranquillity that overwhelms. You can't help but lie back and dream under the shade of the tamarisk above you and immerse yourself in the peacefulness around you. Skye has a very special vibe that should to be experienced. 

You will find absolutely everything you need for a lazy day by the sea so just arrive, collapse and enjoy!​ The huts can be hired individually or, if you wish, to come as a larger group, you can hire both  Skye and Ithaca to combine facilities. One for lounging, one for cooking and a double terrace for relaxing on!


There is a water supply and toilet facilities very close by. Each hut has it own washing up facility. There are also plenty of local cafes and pubs in the village, a beach kiosk and the wonderful BlueBird cafe is only 20 mins walk east across the tideline. Grub and Gumption is only 5 mins west of the hut in the village and provides a totally scrumptious place to find food and drinks. Personally my very favourite place to eat! There is also the Seahorse Cafe. All are dog friendly venues for friendly dogs and dog owners!


The beach is totally glorious when the tide is out. Nobody can quite believe they are still in the UK on a balmy summer day. With the sea cabbage, the tamarisk, the tranquillity, the natural beauty and the ever changing tideline, you really will feel so lucky to have found one of West Sussex's special places.


Be it for a summer day barbecue or winter walk with hot chocolate and marshmallows, these huts are endorsed with happy memories. New ones are guaranteed as life is all about making memories!


The beach huts at South Strand Angmering-on-Sea is a friendly community of beach hut owners and we look after each other. Please maintain this happy vibe and respect your fellow beach hut users during your visit.


Thank you.


Happy Beach Hut Days!


(All photos are my own and used with permission!)


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